Photos Connecting People to the Weavings

Harriet Balbur and granddaughter
granddaughter Serena with the portrait of Harriet Balber
Harriet Balbur, MB, and Susan Crazy Thunder
Susan Crazy Thunder with the portrait of her mother Harriet Balber
Marie Estelle Gilane with her portrait
Arlene Alloway with the portrait of her mother Mary Waubiness George
Tinker Schuman with Mary Burns
Tinker Schuman with her portrait along with Marie Estelle Gilane with her portrait
Tinker and Mary
Tinker Schuman with her portrait

Pointcarre Pro Weave

People often ask what software I use to create my weavings. I use Pointcarre Pro Weave, which is a professional program used for the creation and development of almost any technical Dobby & Jacquard fabric. Cloth can be created from my ideas and designs, or developed from a scan or other digital image, then I can edit colors, edit the design, work in Layers, and export the design as a PSD file and easily match colors to PantoneĀ® Textile Libraries. I can then save or export the file as a TIFF, TGA, BMP, PSD, PNG, and JPEG to send it directly to my printer or if I was in a production studio, I could send the file to a mill for production. Pointcarre is native software on Mac and PC.