Wahoo! Mary made her Kickstarter goal for her Ancestral Women exhibit! What an amazing feeling to be so kindly and generously supported by our friends and community. We’re enormously grateful – thank you to all who have helped in any manner, whether financial or simply sending positive energy.

We hope folks try to make the exhibit’s 9/30 opening at the Center for Visual Arts in Wausau. Tinker Schuman, one of the elder’s portrayed in the exhibit, will speak and sing, and we expect others – grandchildren, etc. – of the elders to be there as well.

There’s four days left in the Kickstarter campaign. We have a stretch goal of producing a book of the elders portrayed in the exhibit. Anything we receive beyond our goal will go toward production of the book. So, if you still have an inclination to support the exhibit, your contribution will go towards something very worthwhile. See:

No worries, one way or the other. We’re just thrilled that so many people cared to help us. A thousand thanks.

Mary and Tinker
Tinker Schuman and Mary Burns with Tinker’s portrait

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