Photos from the Opening Reception 9/30/16

Elder Tinker Schuman, Mary Burns, Elder Marie Estelle Gilane
Marie Estelle Gilane by the weaving of herself and her grandmother  Julia Zhiibayaash Bennett
The Strawberry Moon Singers

2 replies on “Photos from the Opening Reception 9/30/16”

What a lovingly prepared exhibit and opening reception. This work needs to travel widely throughout WI and be seen by many eyes. When closely looking at the tapestry, there is a dense abstract beauty in the countless interwoven threads. Stepping back, recognizable images grow and organically produce themselves, shimmering with life. It is a medium well suited to honor the individual ways in which these women have chosen to weave complex threads of spirit, tradition, nature, historic experience, and future vision into very contemporary lives of service and leadership.


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